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Logo Website Redesign

Create a website that provides a seamless experience to your customers.

Elevate business with our all-in-one solution website including appointment reservation intergration synced to your calendar, payment processing,  automated guest review feedback, reporting and statistics and much more.

Create a website that provides a seamless experience to your customers.

Offer an appealing menu, introduce online table reservations, manage no-show fees, and utilize a visual table planner.
Elevate business with our all-in-one solution.

Maximise your bookings

Be on the top of your game with re:design to maximise bookings

Easily manage your payments, appointments through your redesigned bespoke website that looks great, converts great and gives you more time on growing your business.

Over 50% of beauty and hair salon customers book their appointment outside the opening hours.


"65% of hair salon customers pre-book their next appointment in the chair."

Services Website Examples



Starting at €900


 Website design


 Mobile-friendly design 📱

★ SEO initial setup

★ Easy-to-use content editor

Social Media Links Integration

GDPR compliant
Reviews Display


Starting at €1600


★ Everything in PRO package +

Online Appointment Reservation


Automated guest feedback collection

Book on Google


Individual proposal


Website Maintenance

Security updates

Multi-lingual Website


 Customer login section

SEO Backlinks Campaign

★ Google Maps Localized Campaign

Merchandize Graphics

Merchandising Store

Re:Think Re:Build Re:Act Re:Design

Overview of custom features for your website

Appointment scheduling, team calendar organisation

  • Allow customers to directly book an appointment

  • Offer your packages in the booking flow

  • Let customers select the team member

  • Easily distribute slots between the team


Financial Performance

Monitoring your salon's financial health is crucial for growth and profitability. Track revenue, expenses, and profit margins to identify cost-saving opportunities and negotiate better supplier prices. Conduct cost-benefit analyses before investing in new services, staff, or equipment to ensure positive impacts on the business.

Staff Performance

Salons can stay ahead of the competition through active management strategies like targeted coaching and training for employees. This approach develops capable staff who handle sensitive situations well, ensuring client satisfaction.

For instance, if a team member receives lower customer satisfaction ratings, work with them to identify improvement areas and provide additional training.

Marketing performance

Effective marketing is essential for growing a salon's client base, but measuring its impact is equally important. Use reporting tools to track website traffic, email campaigns, and social media engagement to see what drives traffic and revenue. This data helps refine your strategy for the best return on investment. Optimize your marketing through data analysis to gain more loyal customers.

Payment Processing

  • Payments made easy

  • Secure Payment processing via link or card terminal

  • Seamless Customer checkout

  • Payment gate suporting all mainstream card providers ( Visa, MasterCard, American Express )

  • Charge customers with the integrated system

  • Receive funds the next day

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